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Housekeeping Services in Chennai

Employee productivity and motivation are enhanced by good housekeeping and cleanliness. Our expert cleaners will keep your office or home free of dust, filth, and germs. Our employees receive frequent training and advice on housekeeping, equipment operation, chemical usage, personal grooming, etiquette, and behaviour.

We use high-quality housekeeping Eco-friendly cleaning materials to protect your assets, since these products extend the life of your important assets and keep the originality and beauty of your workplaces and houses, giving you the sense of having a brand-new office or home at all times.

i PromptFMS facility management company offers housekeeping cleaning services in Chennai, as well as:

Commercial Restroom Cleaning

Cleaning the bathroom is a dirty job that no one enjoys. the stubborn stains that won't go away, the odor that won't go away scrubbing for hours and hours and still not getting the desired result The amount of stress and time spent cleaning a bathroom is enormous. Fortunately, i PromptFMS is here to help you escape the chaos and relax in a sparkling clean bathroom.

Spring Cleaning

Many people enjoy spring cleaning because it represents a periodic cleaning. A time when thorough cleaning is performed to remove dirt that has accumulated in inaccessible areas. i PromptFMS, fortunately, offers a spring cleaning service.

Residential Deep Cleaning and Building Facade Cleaning

The Deep Cleaning and Facade Cleaning service improves the appearance of the property, making it more pleasant and appealing. Deep cleaning also helps to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria and restores the building to its original state. A clean and healthy environment encourages employees to feel healthier and happier because it eliminates the threat of illness. A facade cleaning service will remove all of the deep dust and worst stains from your property and offices, making your building look more gleaming and appealing.

List of Other Housekeeping Services in i PromptFMS Includes:

  • Infectious Waste Control Management
  • Polishing
  • Scrubbing
  • Vacuuming

In addition, we provide other Facility Management Services: