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Housekeeping Services in Chennai

In this fast-paced culture, People are so busy with the schedules that they need help keeping their homes or working spaces clean.

i Prompt Facilities Management Company will assist in home cleaning or business spaces and can turn to housekeeping services.

Our i Prompt FMS housekeepers aid in maintaining the home or workplace tidy, hygienic, organized, and infection-free. An environment that is clean and also well comfortable, pleasant, and joyful. With the help of housekeeping or cleaning services, you may have a tidy, germ-free home.

i Prompt FMS is the best Housekeeping service that is always beneficial, whether you are a professional woman staying with a family or a bachelor.

Commercial Restroom Cleaning:

When you engage in routine cleaning services from i Prompt FMS, bathroom cleaning is included in the price. Your restroom will be thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom by our attentive staff, who will also scrub the floors and remove stains from the floors and ceramic bowls.

Spring Cleaning:

Many people enjoy spring cleaning because it represents a periodic cleaning. The deep cleaning is done to remove filth that has been collected in complicated areas. So i Prompt FMS, offers spring cleaning services with the best solution.

Residential Deep Cleaning and Building Facade Cleaning:

The Deep Cleaning and Facade Cleaning service improves the appearance of the property, making it more pleasant and appealing. Deep cleaning also helps to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria and restores the building to its original state. A clean and healthy environment encourages employees to feel healthier and happier because it eliminates the threat of illness. A facade cleaning service will remove all of the deep dust and worst stains from your property and offices, making your building look more gleaming and appealing.

List of Other Housekeeping Services in i Prompt FMS Includes:

  • Infectious Waste Control Management
  • Polishing
  • Scrubbing
  • Vacuuming

In addition, we provide other Facility Management Services: